For many, there’s nothing better than a long road trip with the perfect playlist and their best friend riding in the seat next to them. A smooth ride, clear skies, and miles of flat road sound like a dream for the modern explorer. Of course, with adventure should come precautionary safety measures for you and your passenger – regardless if they have two or four legs. 

If your car co-pilot happens to be the furry, four-legged kind, it’s important to take the same steps to keep them safe while your dog is riding in the car with you. Dog seat belts, which come in several different forms such as a harness or a bucket seat, can prevent dogs from being seriously injured in a car accident should occur. 

Car accidents can happen any day of the week, at any time. There are numerous causes for a car accident to happen, such as the actions of a distracted driver or an environmental factor such as a neglected street covered with potholes. According to Kansas City car accident lawyer Samuel Wendt, “A poorly designed roadway or parking lot, malfunctioning traffic lights, poor roadway maintenance, low visibility due to overgrown shrubs, potholes, road debris, and unsafe construction zones are all examples of defects”.

With so many dangers on the road, making sure your dog is secure in your vehicle is a great way to avoid being a factor in a motor vehicle crash. Here are a few tips for using a dog seatbelt:

  • If you have a small or medium dog, opt for a dog car seat and save the harnesses for large dogs.
  • Shorten dog harnesses if the window is open to avoid the dog from having enough slack to jump out of the window.
  • Seat dogs in the backseat. If an airbag is deployed in the event of an accident, a dog could be seriously, even fatally injured. 

If you’re planning on bringing your dog along on your next trip, pick up a dog seat belt to ensure they make it home in one piece. Visit a site like or have lots of dog seat belt options for pups of all shapes and sizes.

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