10 “Healthy” Foods That Can Make Your Dog Sick

In many homes, dogs are not only man’s best friend, but they’re also a part of the family. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, roughly 68% of households in the United States own a pet, with dogs being one of the most common. As fun and rewarding as owning a dog can be, it’s very important to remember that they also need special care and attention in many aspects of their lives.

A dog chewing up one of your favorite shoes is frustrating, but a dog digging around in your pantry or garbage could be extremely dangerous. Most simple ingredients that you’d use to season or garnish a meal can actually cause a range of mild to severe reactions in your pet, which could potentially cause aggressive behavior. When dogs don’t feel well, they can act out by biting or growling, which could result in the need for a dog bite lawyer. While there are many delicious human foods that are beneficial for dogs to snack on, there are also just as many to stay far away from. Here are 10 “healthy” treats you should avoid feeding to your dog:


The mushrooms that are found in the grocery store are safe for human consumption but that doesn’t mean it’s also safe for your dog. Certain types, especially the wild variety, can cause a slow poisoning in animals that both you and your dog are unaware of.


While onions can be a great way to add extra flavor to your favorite meal, they can cause serious internal problems for your pet. One of the ingredients in onions, thiosulphate, can destroy red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs.


These sweet treats may be the perfect size for a small snack but they can cause serious kidney problems for your dog. It’s important to keep grapes out of reach, as just a small amount can lead to kidney failure and death.

Macadamia nuts

Whether served whole or mixed into a cookie, macadamia nuts are not dog-friendly in any form. In addition to being high in fat and salt, these nuts are especially dangerous due to their potential to cause life-threatening tremors.


This common flavorful addition causes the same problems in dogs as an onion would. It is especially potent in thiosulphate and can severely damage your pets red blood cells.

Raw fish

Raw fish can be a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids for humans but certain raw varieties, such as salmon and trout, can negatively impact the health of your furry friend. Uncooked salmon can contain parasites that have been proven to be fatal to dogs. If you’re planning a special fish dinner for your pet, be sure to cook it at a high temperature before serving.

Fruit with pits

Cherries, peaches, and plums should be kept far away from dogs of all sizes. The pits can not only cause your pet to choke, but this part of the fruit contains poisonous cyanide.


Keep the avocado toast to yourself! Avocados contain high levels of persin, which can be highly toxic in large quantities.

Cooked bones

Nibbling on bones is one of a dog’s favorite things to do. Unfortunately, cooked bones are not the best option to give to your pet. During the cooking process, most of the moisture is lost, leaving it brittle and dry. These dry edges can result in splinters that can damage their teeth and even puncture their digestive tract.


It doesn’t matter if it’s dark chocolate or milk chocolate, all types are off limits. Chocolate toxicity can cause vomiting, seizures and even death due to the ingredient theobromine, which is poisonous to pets.

Owning a dog not only brings a lot of happiness but also a great amount of responsibility as well. Be sure to take extra steps to ensure their safety when it comes to toxic foods they can easily ingest. For example, regularly clear the yard of any wild mushrooms that may be growing or keep food stored on high surfaces that are well out of reach. Remember, your dog is much more than just an animal, they’re family!

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October 21, 2019 - In Dog health

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