You and your dog have been cooped up in the house for some time now, and you both are ready to get some fresh air, so you decide to go to the dog park. 

There are few things we should all be thinking about before we turn our 4 legged friends loose at an off-leash dog park, today we will discuss some great dop park trips. 

1) Wait to go until your dog is old enough

If your dog is still too small and wild, it will be hard to get them to obey you at the park with all of the distractions of other dogs, people, and possible traffic going by.


2) Be respectful of other dogs’ sizes

Little dogs always look so cute… but just because they are small, doesn’t make them friendly. A little dog can still attack. Make sure you and your dog take the time to introduce yourselves to the other dogs. 


3) Maintain your dog’s health and paperwork

We already know the importance of keeping our fur buddies healthy for their sake, but if we are venturing out to public places, it is even more important. Make sure they have their shots current and taking their heartworm medicine. Hopefully, it never happens, but if your dog attacks someone at the park, you will need to verify it has had a current rabies shot. It is a good idea to keep a copy easily accessible on your phone. 


4) Do a test run

Before going to the dog park on the weekend, see if you are able to get by during non-peak hours to test that place out and see how your pup handles the environment and test their behavior. Having fewer distractions is a great way for them to get comfortable with their surroundings.


5) Let Them Go off-leash

The best part about the dog park is watching our furry friends run wild and free! It is a great time for them to get some exercise and make some new friends, but as we’ve mentioned above, make sure they are ready. The last thing you need is “Fido” running wild, causing a ruckus, and your dog attacks a kid or another dog. 


6) Clean up after your dog and yourself

Good dog park etiquette includes cleaning up your dog’s mess and of course yours. If your dog decides to do his business at the park, be sure you have baggies to clean it up, no one enjoys stepping in poop. Also, if you take some snacks and drink for yourself, be sure to throw them away when you’re done. 


7) Keep a close eye on your dog

As dog owners, we are like parents but for our 4 legged kids haha. And these kids can get wild real quick! Be sure to know where your dog is at, this could prevent issues or injury to your dog or someone else and their dog. The last thing we want is for your dog to bite someone, and they file a personal injury case against you. 


8) Put your dog’s safety first

Keeping our dogs safe, is our responsibility as pet owners. We owe it to them to do our best to keep them out of harm’s way. If you are entering the park and notice a few wild and aggressive dogs, it is ok to turn around and leave. There is no need to increase the chances of getting your dog or yourself injured. 


Wrapping it up

Dog parks are a great time for us and are really fun for our pups, so it is up to us to make sure we are following the park rules, take time to socialize our dog and do everything we can to make sure our friends have a good experience at the park. 

Always make sure to pack snacks, water, and a water bowl to make sure they stay hydrated when playing. Must of all, apply these park safety tips and have a fun day out! 


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