One of the best parts about owning a canine companion is the endless amounts of love and affection that comes with it. According to a recent study by the organic dog treat company, Riley’s Organics, roughly 52% of dog owners admitted to kissing their dogs more than their partners. While it’s a sweet gesture, are there hidden dangers lurking behind those slobbery kisses that can impact your health?

There’s an old saying about how a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a toilet bowl, but it’s exactly that – just a saying. Your dog engages in a lot of less-than-sterile activities, such as cleaning themselves, licking up spills on the kitchen floor and chewing sticks from the park. 

According to research, dogs and humans share several of the same types of bacteria that can cause gum disease. While studies are still being done regarding the risk of catching a periodontal disease, the overall verdict is that there is a very little risk when it comes to catching it from kissing your pet. In many cases, most transfers of bacteria between pets and humans with weak immune systems result in upset stomachs, diarrhea, and fevers. 

If you worry about maintaining good dental health so you can continue to smooch your pooch, work with a dentist that covers all areas of treatment, such as the Phoenix family dentist at Dental on Central. The team of sedation and special needs dentists in Phoenix specializes in regular check-ups and gum disease treatment. 

Overall, there are no definitive studies that show you can catch a dental disease from your pup, so go ahead and shower your furry friend with love!

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