4 Ways Dogs Are Helpful for Children Coping With Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatizing experience, especially for the younger children that are in the middle of it. It can trigger feelings of insecurity and abandonment. 

It’s important to ensure that there is a solid support system in place, whether that’s with friends, family or with a pet. It’s been proven that pets, especially dogs, can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and ease loneliness over time. If your child is struggling, here are 5 reasons a dog could help them with the transition that comes with divorce. 

A Canine Confidant: Most children like to talk to their pets and see them as a trusted friend who they can share everything with. From their deepest fears to their biggest dreams, dogs provide a trusted ear to listen attentively and without judgment. Although they may not be able to respond, dogs encourage children to express their feelings honestly. 

An Added Sense of Security: According to child support lawyers, “When a divorce case involves children, resolving issues regarding their care and wellbeing can be especially delicate.” Introducing a dog to a child in the middle of a divorce will give them another source to help them feel secure during this uncertain time.

Lower Stress Levels: According to numerous studies, dogs can reduce stress in people, resulting in lower blood pressure and heart rates. For a child, a dog would be an extremely valuable tool for coping with the new life changes that divorce brings. Dogs are seen as a source of joy and laughter, as well as a reminder of how much fun life can be! 

Provide Unconditional Love: Dogs have always been a great source of unconditional love and support. During a time where everything is changing and there is so much instability, a beloved dog will always be there to love and comfort them.

Having a trusted buddy during a stressful time is a wonderful way to stay positive. If you are worried about your child and how they will cope with your divorce, consider adding a new furry friend to the family!

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