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What is the National “Clear the Shelters 2022” Event?

Since 2015, Telemundo and NBC stations have partnered with animal shelters across the United States to find ideal homes for pets. Clear the Shelters 2022 features both a pet adoption and donation campaign, so pets can find their forever home and local shelters can receive the funds they need to provide services for their communities. The event will run from August 1st through August 31st of 2022 and offer ways to adopt virtually or support participating rescues and shelters.

How Did the Event Begin?

According to NBC 7 San Diego, The Clear the Shelters campaign was inspired by a 2014 joint Telemundo and NBC pet adoption campaign in North Texas. The campaign was so successful that it resulted in the most adopted pets over a single 24 hour timeframe in the area. The following year, Telemundo and NBCUniversal worked together to broaden the scope of the adoption campaign to a national scale. Thus Clear the Shelters was born, resulting in more than a half-million adoptions since the campaign was first launched.

Are Any Organizations Near Me Participating in Clear the Shelters?

The official Clear the Shelters website has an interactive map of all the shelters and rescues participating in this year’s campaign. Simply put your zip code into the search tab underneath the map and you’ll be shown all the participating organizations nearby, complete with business hours and contact details.

You can also use the WeRescue app to browse nearby adoptable pets by size, breed, gender, and other factors on your phone. You’re able to submit an adoption application directly through the app. If you have any questions for the shelter employees, you can contact them through the app as well.

Why Should I Adopt From a Local Shelter?

Adopting your canine companion from a local shelter can be a fulfilling, life-changing experience. We’re always thrilled when someone adopts locally because:

  • You’re giving an unwanted, abandoned, or mistreated animal a second chance at a good life
  • You’re helping to combat the unethical practices of commercial pet-breeding facilities, which exist to profit at the expense of the animals in their care
  • Depending on your desires, you can adopt an adult dog that may already be partially or fully trained
  • The trainers, adoption specialists, and other staff members at the shelter will be great resources to help you and your pet live a healthy, comfortable life together
  • Local shelters have a wide range of animals up for adoption, meaning that you’ll almost certainly find the perfect companion for you and your loved ones
  • The pet you’re adopting has likely been treated well by trained staff members that prioritize the health and comfort of the canines in their care
  • You support the work of your local shelter or rescue, which helps them stay in business and protect other vulnerable animals in your community
  • Adoption fees are usually substantially smaller than the cost of a purebred puppy sold for profit

It’s important to remember that no matter where you receive your pet from, owning a dog is a huge commitment. Canines require considerable attention, care, and training to keep them healthy and happy. According to the team at Freedman Law, a poorly trained or mistreated dog may bite and cause serious harm, from life-threatening infections to permanent scarring.

Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog

With this year’s Clear the Shelters event quickly approaching, there’s no better time to expand your family by rescuing a dog from your local shelter. At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that taking care of a dog can be a challenge. To ensure your canine companion has the best possible life, remember that:

  • Dogs need time and attention, from daily exercise and play time to regular bathroom breaks
  • Some landlords and complexes either do not allow dogs or restrict certain breed ownership, which can make it a challenge to find a place to live
  • Dogs are expensive pets; everything from the food they eat to any medical care they may need over the course of their life quickly adds up
  • It may take your new dog several weeks or even months to warm up to you and your family members
  • Depending on your dog’s breed and temperament, they may not be suitable around loud or unruly children, since provoked or startled dogs may bite

Support Your Local Rescue During Clear the Shelters

If you’re ready to add a dog to your family, there’s no better time to do so than during the 2022 Clear the Shelters campaign. You can verify which shelters near you are participating through your local NBC affiliate or the Clear the Shelters official website.

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