Is My Dog Fit for a Dog Walking Service? 

Depending on your dog’s breed, age, size, and overall health, 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise per day are required to keep your companion healthy. For many, dedicating up to 2 hours a day exercising our pets just isn’t doable. That’s where a professional dog walker comes in. This service allows for your dog to be walked according to the owner’s pre-approved route and schedules. Walkers accommodate the dog’s basic necessities by providing food, water, and picking up after any bathroom stops along the way. Many owners may question if their dog is a good fit for this service. These services are built to cater to a wide range of owners and dogs, but there are some important factors to consider.

Assessing the Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

Dog walking services offer a wide range of benefits to the dog and their owners. They provide your dog with much needed exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship when you’re unavailable. Regular walks can improve your dog’s physical health, help with managing their weight, and alleviate boredom and anxiety. If your work takes you away from home and leaves you unable to care for your dog, a dog walker can fill in the gaps and ensure your dog is cared for in your absence. Additionally, if you can’t meet your dog’s exercise requirements due to physical limitations, a dog walker may be your best option.

Assessing your Dog’s Temperament

Dogs, like humans, have unique personalities which may leave them more inclined to enjoy the company of a dog walker than others. Consider your dog’s behavior around strangers and other dogs. Is your dog sociable and friendly, or do they tend to be more reserved? Some dogs may exhibit aggressive behaviors, especially if they feel threatened or anxious in unfamiliar situations. Be honest with the dog walker about your dog’s temperament to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Importance of a Dog Walker’s Training

Finding the right fit for your dog can be a difference maker for the owner’s peace of mind and the dog’s enjoyment. Look for someone who is not only passionate about dogs but also well trained and experienced. Professional dog walkers typically undergo training to understand dog behavior, body language, and how to handle emergency situations. There are no strict requirements to become a dog walker so don’t be afraid to ask what kind of certifications or formal training your dog walker may have.

What to Do If Your Dog Has Aggressive Tendencies

It’s essential to address any aggressive tendencies your dog may have. Aggressive behavior may manifest in several different ways such as growling, snapping, or lunging. If your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, it’s crucial to be open and honest with your dog walker. Let them know about your dog’s triggers, whether it’s other dogs, specific situations, or certain behaviors that may provoke aggression so they can provide an ideal environment for your dog.

Despite all the proper care and precautions, accidents can still happen. If your dog is involved in an accident while under a dog walker’s care, it’s essential to understand and defend your rights. Get the help from an experienced dog bite lawyer who can guide you through the legal process and protect your dog’s well-being.

A Fitting Solution, But Not For Every Dog

Hiring a dog walker can be a great solution for those looking for a flexible schedule while still prioritizing their pets’ health. However, it’s important to understand that hiring a dog walker isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Some dogs just may not be suited for a dog walking service. Others just may not work well with certain dog handlers. It’s worth experimenting with different handlers and different exercise options and sticking with the one that benefits your pal the most.


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