While this has been a very trying time for people all over the world, there is one group of mammals that have benefited from the mandatory stay-at-home order – dogs! From surges in purchases of pet products to shelters being cleared out, our furry, four-legged friends have been seeing a rise in attention. In April, the Chicago Animal Care and Control center ran out of adoptable animals for the first time ever. During these unprecedented times, the emotional support that pets provide their stressed out owners have been extremely valuable. It’s only right that dogs are having their moment in the spotlight. Here are a few ways that dogs have been benefiting from the stay-at-home orders. 

Increase in Fostering and Adoptions 

As mentioned above, shelters are seeing a spike in applications for fosters and adoptions. This may be due to people having to work from home or stay at home during their off hours. The mandatory shutdowns have given people less of a reason to go out and more time to give attention to a dog.

Less Opportunities to Cause Trouble

As owners are required to stay at home, many dogs with special issues, such as separation anxiety, are able to get the additional attention they require. According to a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer, “An owner is held to a strict liability standard of care to protect victims of dog bites and/or dog attacks.” If the dog has their owner or a person nearby, they may be less likely to aggressively act out towards other dogs or strangers.

More Activity

Instead of sleeping the day away, dogs are getting in more walking time than ever before. During such a mentally trying time, people are finding it beneficial to stay active through exercise and taking daily walks. Since owners aren’t rushing out of the door to get to work, they are able to take more leisurely morning walks, along with lunch-time and evening walks. 

Increase in Pet-Related Purchases 

Between the uptick in adoptions and paying closer attention to their animals’ habits and needs, owners have been investing more money into their pets’ health and living conditions. Visits to the veterinarians have increased, as well as money spent on dog leashes and other necessities

While the current pandemic has been stressful and sometimes scary, one positive is that our furry friends are getting the extra love and attention they deserve. Take advantage of this quality time you have with your dog to go on longer walks, play more games of fetch, and sneak them an extra treat.

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