Certain dog behaviors are considered as bad if they become excessive and unwelcome. Unlike humans, dogs do not have a sense of what is right or wrong. It is up to the owner to teach their dog good behavior and correct bad behavioral issues. To fix or preventing certain bad behaviors, it is important to have a good understanding of what they are and what the cause may be.

Aggression and Biting

Aggression is one of the most common behavioral issues. While not all aggressive dogs bite, there is a strong possibility that dogs who show aggressive tendencies will end up biting someone. Treating aggression issues is important to avoid any liability from a possible dog bite.
Aggression can be caused by illness, injury, anxiety, fear, etc. In order to properly treat aggression issues, it is important to know what the cause of the aggression is.


It is important to remember that some dog breeds have a tendency to bark more than others. Barking is natural and is one form of vocal communication in dogs. However, when a dog’s barking becomes excessive, it becomes a behavioral issue. Some common reasons dogs may bark are:

  •  Attention seeking
  • Warning
  • Anxiety or fear
  • Bored or excited
  • Greeting someone

In order to reduce barking, owners will have to address the cause of the barking. Additionally, avoid rewarding or give your dog what they are asking for when they bark and reward them when they remain quiet.

Separation Anxiety

Like humans, all dogs can experience some form of anxiety. The most common type of anxiety dogs may experience is “separation anxiety”. Dogs who experience this may show destructive behavior when left alone including:

  • Urinating
  • Excessive barking, howling or whining
  • Chewing
  • Attempting to escape

Treatments for separation anxiety require training, behavior modifications, and medication in extreme cases. Treating dog separation anxiety will take time and effort from dog owners. If untreated, dog anxiety can lead to other behavioral issues such as aggression, excessive barking, and other destructive behavior.

Jumping on People

Jumping is common and natural in dogs. Dogs may jump on people to greet them or jump when seeking something in someone’s hand. Excessive jumping however can be annoying and can lead to injuries, especially in small children. Since this is often-times an attention-seeking behavior, owners should ignore their dogs when they jump up.


Begging happens when dogs site by the dinner table and ask for the owner’s food scraps. This is a habit that is often taught by owners. However, begging should not be encouraged as it can lead to obesity and digestive issues. The best way to treat this is to take preventative measures. Experts recommend telling your dog to go somewhere where they cannot see you. If they behave, you may reward them by giving them a treat or giving them your leftovers in their food bowl.

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