Common Defenses in Dog Bite Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

Dog bites can lead to serious injuries and legal consequences. More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States, and at least half of those bitten are children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Every year, more than 800,000 people need medical attention for dog […]

Can I File a Lawsuit if Another Dog Attacks My Dog?

As a pet owner, it is disheartening to see anything negative happen to your dog. It can be especially heartbreaking if your beloved dog is attacked by another dog. In addition to the emotional toll, there can be serious financial consequences and potential long-term care for your injured dog.  If you find yourself in this […]

Federal Dogfighting Laws

Among the various forms of animal abuse, dogfighting stands out as a particularly gruesome and inhumane practice. While 57% of people believe dogfighting has never happened in their community, almost 40,000 Americans participate in dogfighting every year. Despite the multi-million and international dogfighting market, dogfighting is illegal in every state in America. The United States […]

Is Euthanasia Required After a Dog Bite?

Dog bites can be a traumatic and distressing experience, leaving individuals with physical and emotional scars. In some dog bite cases, the severity of the bite can raise questions about the fate of the offending dog. Euthanasia, the act of intentionally ending an animal’s life to alleviate suffering, is often a subject of debate and […]

Understanding the Safety Concerns of Dog Walking Apps

Technology has influenced our daily lives in many aspects of today’s society. With this being said, pet services are being revolutionized by technology. Dog walking apps specifically have provided pet owners to connect with professional dog walkers. These apps offer convenience and flexibility for people living busy lives. It is essential to understand the safety […]

Strict Liability in Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog ownership brings joy, companionship, improved health and many additional benefits to individuals and families. However, the privilege of owning a dog comes the responsibility to ensure public safety. Dog attacks can cause severe physical and emotional harm to victims, leading to long-lasting consequences. Many state and local jurisdictions have implemented strict liability laws in […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover On-The-Job Dog Bites?

Worker’s compensation is insurance that covers employees who get injured or fall ill on the job. This means that if an employee is bitten or injured by a dog while on the clock, they should be covered by workers’ comp. This is assuming that their employer has workers’ comp insurance, which most employers are required […]

Worst Mistakes to Make After a Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites can cause serious long-term physical and emotional damage to their victims. In order to ensure full and fair monetary compensation for all available damages, informed victims should be cautious of these costly mistakes. Delaying Medical Attention   It’s important to make sure to seek medical attention for your injuries right away. Delaying medical care […]